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Sometimes you want to see a couple or even more people living out some of the FetishLiveSex daydreams that go through your head during the day. Maybe you want to see two girls telling you that your penis is too small and could never satisfy their hot clams. Or maybe you wanna see a guy massaging his girl’s pretty butt and then hearing her tell him—no, not just telling him, but COMMANDING him—to eat her pussy and asshole until she’s satisfied. And maybe suck her toes too! This is the joy of BDSM Group Shows where you see partners experiencing the most exciting possible stuff right in front of you. Sometimes when you’re chatting with them via the FetishLiveSex cams, you can tip the ladies and they get even more aroused by the “ping!” of your contributions, because special vibrators sticking out of their holes are sensitive to the tinkling sound of your appreciation! So not only is a slave maybe pleasuring her pussy in a BDSM Group Show, but YOU are actually affecting the Mistress’s body every time you drop tips and the lady has one of those unique toys in her snatch! See what we mean!